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Two months more

Carlos Atwell

Two months more

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STORE OWNERS in Norman Centre Mall, The City, have an additional two months to stay before it is closed for renovations.
Director of Norman Finance Developments Ltd, Stephen Edghill, in a letter to tenants on Monday, indicated the extension was being granted because the “scope of work” was more than anticipated.
“Further to our letter of November 29th, 2010 regarding the closure of our mall for upgrades. In consultation with our architect and engineer it has been ascertained that the scope of work is significantly more than we had anticipated. This will affect the commencement date of the project. We are therefore pleased to be able to extend your notice period until March 31st, 2011 which should enable you to take advantage of the winter season and facilitate in the identifying of a suitable relocation space.
“We are aware that some of you may have already been able to secure another location but for those of you who would like to remain in the mall, we will continue to maintain the existing facilities during this period.”
One tenant, Marcia Martindale of Martindale’s, said she was pleased about the extension but thought the entire affair could have been handled differently.
“They should have given this more thought and dealt with it on a more professional level before everyone got so upset,” she said.
Martindale said she thought the intervention by the Labour Department; the Small Business Association and the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry may have influenced the decision, something which she said she appreciated.
The original letter advised the tenants to vacate by January 31 due to an “urgent need to significantly upgrade Norman Centre including the electrical and air-conditioning services . . . and the construction of a multi-storey car park”.
“We expect  that these upgrades will be completed in six (6) months. On completion of these works you will be offered preference for equivalent accommodation.
     “Please take this as notice under your current monthly tenancy agreement that you must vacate your space by January 31st, 2011,” the notice said.