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Last minute Christmas rush

Carol Ann Tudor

Last minute Christmas rush

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It’s Christmas Eve and thousands of shoppers flooded Bridgetown in a last-minute rush to get their special gifts.
Both Broad Street and Swan Street were packed with shoppers popping in and out of stores, most of which were scheduled to close their doors by 4 p.m.
Most store owners or managers said sales had soared over the last week, particularly the last two days before Christmas.
Upstairs at Woolworth, store owner Martin Bryan was busy restocking the shelves with hundreds of gift items for children.
He said although sales for the first three weeks of the season had been slower than for the same period last year, the last two days had been pretty hectic.
Cave Shepherd was also bustling with activity. There was no room in the toy department, and judging from the dozens in the perfume section, bottled scents were in many gift boxes this year.
Manager Hugh Durant said sales had been good over the last few days.
“The people have really come out to shop this year, so I believe the sales will be comparable to last year,” he pointed out. He used the opportunity to thank all those who had come out and supported them in 2010.
In Swan Street, there was hardly any walking room, as shoppers moved shoulder to shoulder in an effort to get out of Town as soon as possible.
They had to stand patiently and wait their turn to squeeze through the doors at Tropicana Jewellers, which was bursting at the seams with customers.
Managing director Poonam Uttamchandani said the last two days had been really hectic for the store.

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