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Stuart says step up

Trevor Yearwood

Stuart says step up

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has called for a change in attitudes that would see more fathers taking care of their children and a reduction in domestic violence.
In his first Christmas message as Prime Minister of Barbados, Stuart said too many mothers were forced to raise children without support from the fathers.He also called for a shift in attitudes that would reduce the number of young men and women “ensnared by drugs”.
And he called for Barbadians to be sensitive to the plight of people with disabilities. Bishop of Barbados and Archbishop of the West Indies, Dr John Holder, used his Christmas message to urge Barbadians to stop domestic and other forms of violence.
“Far too many innocents are subjected to violence in our own time,” he complained. “How often our families that should be the havens of peace, love and goodwill become experience of violence for the children of the family.”
Governor General Sir Clifford Husbands called on Bajans to mark the end of the hurricane season by giving thanks to God, before moving to celebrate Christmas.
“My earnest wish is that at the end of every such season in the future, we choose an appropriate occasion to gather in our several congregations and each in his own way, without distraction, give thanks to the Almighty for the many disasters from which we have been spared and for the many blessings that have been showered upon us,” he said.
“We may then move on to welcome the Christmas Season . . . .”Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur said Barbadians still had a lot to celebrate even though it had been a tough year.“It is important that we should nonetheless take some time to celebrate our blessings and our good fortune in being able to live in this blessed land,” he stated.
“It is, however, also important that we should seek to draw deeply on the message, the symbols and the spirit of Christmas, not only during this season, but over the entire year ahead.”
Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin spoke of plans to emphasise “partnership building” in the fight to reduce crime next year.
“We recognise that though enforcement is one of the strands available to effective policing, it can no longer be considered as the primary response to those issues that seek to retard community development.  
“For the way forward there will be greater emphasis on partnership building to involve the police, communities and agencies that have a critical role to play in the further promotion of community cohesion,” Dottin said. 
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