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Another new year comin’ up

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Another new year comin’ up

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Dear Nesta,Well muh girl, we fas’ approachin’ de New Year.  Only t’ree mo’ days an’ we in 2011!  When I was growin’ up, fuh years  to reach 2000 an’ beyon’, did soun’ like a fairy tale to me. Now we en only gone pas’ 2000, we all up in 2010 an’ starin’ 2011 in de face!  
I en gine be too sorry to see dis year go. It din dah good a year fuh mos’ people all over de worl’, an’ Bajans certainly had duh share o’ ups an’ downs!   But de t’ings dat stan’ out in my mem’ry is, firs’ de turrble drought we had early in de year an’ all dem cane fires dat went wid it, an’ later on, dah awful fire claimin’ de lives o’ six young women, an’ de deaf o’ we Prime Minister in October! But we troubles din over yet, ‘cause de very nex’ weeken’ de storm Tomas hit de islan’, causin’ nuff damage – fuh some people I don’ even t’ink life back to normal yet!
I certainly en got to tell yuh how all t’rough de year we been battlin’ wid de high food an’ utility prices dat ‘stead o’ gine down, gine be risin’ even mo’ high nex’ year, sence de VAT gone up.
Talkin’ ‘bout dah increase, it look as ef we got people dat could see t’ings befo’ duh happen, as I would swear de electric bill I receive fuh November showin’ de increase due in December! Cos’ o’ livin’ got muh by de t’roat, it jes’ squeezin’ de life outta muh. David get de rid o’ he Goliath wid a sling shot, but I t’ink we would need even mo’ dan a sledge hammer to mek a li’l dent in dis giant we facin’! I en know ef ‘e green or not, but ‘e far enuff from jolly!  I call ‘e de “Villainous VAT Giant” – out to wreck we!  
I en got no lotta wishes to mek fuh dis new year, jes’ two! Firs’, good healf an’ strengf to deal wid wuhevuh might be in store fuh we. As long as we got good healf, dah is half de battle! We would fin’ de strengf to wressle wid any problems! An’ secon’, love! Love, not only fuh weself  an’ we family but fuh any strangers dat come knockin’ at de gate as well!  
Talkin’ ‘bout healf, doh. My nighber was practically in tears de ether night when she was tellin’ muh wuh she gine t’rough at de horsepittle.  She got problems wid she heart an’ had to go fuh one o’ dem tes’s, I t’ink yuh call duh a EKG or J or somet’ing so.
Anyway, she en got no money an’ had to get it do free, so she went to de horsepittle. Now, she had dah tes’ in June dis year, an’ Ness, you would believe she tell muh dat up to now she en had de results, an’ de year near done! Evah time she ax, she hear de report en ready yet. Yuh mean it tek nearly six monfs to get dah report? She complaint mussee very special! A woman like she, sufferin’ from she heart, coulda drop down dead, get bury an’ she fambly still won’ know wuh de problem was! In dis worl’, when yuh en got money, people don’ gi’e yuh no respeck!
Dah is why, in dis new year, apart from wishin’ good healf, I would wish dat  whoevuh we come in contack wid, aldoh duh might not be “big-up”, we treat duh wid consideration  an’ respeck! We en always got to gi’e money, sometimes tekkin’ time out  fuh a chat is all a body need! Nuff lonely people out dey, glad fuh some comp’ny! So, do as de song say: “Reach out an’ touch somebody han!”  Happy New Year to all!                  Tek care o’ yuhselfYuh frien’ Babsie