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Hunting for the perfect gift

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Hunting for the perfect gift

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Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Barbados Wei Quiang.
First of all, a cordial season’s greeting to all Nation readers.
In spite of China not being typically a Christian nation, Christmas festivities have definitely become very much, when it comes to today’s Chinese urban life, socially, culturally and, of course, commercially by this time of the year, in particular amongst young people. It feels glamorous, trendy and romantic. I guess this is thanks in no small measure to globalisation, in which China has taken an active part.
No longer young but having the luck of living for a while in Barbados, I happily let myself be immersed into this festival and love-pouring atmosphere. My wife and I have been planning the gifts to be delivered by Santa to our young and Christmas-fan daughter.
My family as well as my embassy staff is being these days a bit busier than usual doing quite a few get-togethers with lovely friends, Barbadians or from other countries, tasting yet again, along with rum or Maotai liquor, the satisfaction of international friendship.
Christmas is nowhere to be found, though, on the Chinese State-established public holiday list. So we at the Chinese embassy will remain in town and most probably even in office during this season, trying to figure out, among other things, the way we are going to celebrate that big deal of ours – the Spring Festival, which is the Chinese Lunar New year and which, this time around, will fall on February 3, 2011, starting the Year of the Rabbit.
Guess what? That’s my year, for I am a rabbit.