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Scared folk

Carol Ann Tudor

Scared folk

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Police were called in yesterday to investigate rumoured “illegal activity” at Ferniehurst pasture in Black Rock, St Michael.
Although Station Sergeant Ronald Cummings did not say exactly what the activity was, the DAILY NATION understands that men in the area were engaging in cock fighting.
Dozens of spectators converged on the scene, as Special Services Unit officers and other members of the Force made a thorough search of the area, but residents said those involved in the fighting had fled the scene on sighting of the police vehicles.
Some Ferniehurst residents have been complaining about the incidence of both illegal cockfighting and dog fighting which have been going on in the area, particularly on weekends.
One female resident, who said she did not want to be identified in order to safeguard herself from any recriminations said that whenever the blood sports were being held, large number of vehicles from across the island, packed with people and large coolers, assembled in the area. She also claimed that huge sums of money were being “placed in the pot”.
During yesterday’s action by the police, one man was arrested for illegal possession of drugs.
Meanwhile, police public relations officer Inspector David Welch said the police were still investigating a shooting on Christmas Eve night at Gall Hill that left three people injured.
According to Welch, 38-year-old Brian Lashley of Hillside, Gall Hill; 31-year-old Stephen Millar; and 29-year-old Sherma George were injured “when a person or persons fired from a moving vehicle” at a group of people who were standing on a block.
Welch disclosed that Miller has been hospitalised.