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A time to reflect

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

A time to reflect

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Grenada’s Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Mitchell has said that the past 12 months have been very difficult for Grenadians and he hopes the new Year will “somehow represent a new beginning for the entire nation”.
“As a nation, we have faced difficult times in the past year. 2010 has indeed been a year of great challenge for many of us particularly in relation to the worsening state of our economy,” Mitchell said in a New Year message.
Mitchell, who was removed from office in the general election in 2008, said that the end of one year and the beginning of another is always a time for reflection.
“With the current state of affairs in our country, we need to do more of this kind of reflection and introspection both personally and as a people. This is very important if we are to chart a better way forward and have a brighter future.”
Mitchell said he too would also engage in a period of reflection and that he was encouraging “all Grenadians in all walks of life to engage in this kind of reflection and to consider how you may serve your country better during this year and the years to come.
“We are all servants and in whatever we do we contribute to the development of this country and to nation-building. Yes, we all contribute in one way or another and what this country becomes or does not become depends on all of us – every one of us. In short, whatever we do, we are an important part of the process of nation building. Let us always keep this in mind.”
The former prime minister said he is aware that times are difficult, “but this is not the time to despair or lose faith as every day brings new promises and opportunity for a new beginning and a better future”. (CMC)

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