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Goodwill has no season

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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FROM ALL PERSPECTIVES, the past year has been very challenging to most countries around the globe, particularly on the economic side. The financial crisis spread wreaked havoc on countries like Ireland and Greece in particular, and stability is still somewhat precarious.
As a country, though we had our share of ups and downs, we should ignore that which brings differences and embrace the true meaning of this time of year – it is a time for peace, love and hope for all of us of the Christian faith.
To some of us, it is also a time for humility, as evidenced by that virgin birth in a  less than habitable manger. We  must however use this period as an opportunity to look back over the past 12 months, see our shortcomings or successes and prepare to make important resolutions in the New Year to enhance our difficult state of affairs.
As a country, we have had our ups and downs. And, indeed, despite our shortcomings and failures, we have a reason to stand united and proud that we have ridden the storm with few scars.
At this time we should also realize that despite the challenges, not everything around us is gloomy. If we put our collective minds to the task ahead and every person puts his hands to the plough, there is nothing that cannot be overcome through discipline, hardwork, and sacrifice.
There have been times in the past when the country was rejuvenated by inspired leadership. The time has now come again. There have been many cases of people extending their benevolent deeds to fellow citizens, even in the toughest of times.
It is now time to do so for our country.
To borrow from our African brothers, though it is a season of goodwill messages and talk of peace, we need to ponder: does goodwill really have a season? “If people genuinely love one another it would be simple living together in harmony without the divisions – ethnic, political or class stratification – that typify our society today.”
As Barbadians we should endeavour to do away with pride and bigotry, and selfishness and greed, and embrace the spirit of sacrifice and caring for our fellowmen despite being caught up in a world of turmoil, hate and even despair, because of our own folly.
We should all aspire to a position where we can rediscover and recapture our social responsibility to our families and to our country despite the materialism strangling our society. The first bastion of succour and support should be the family and not Government.
Commercialisation is being allowed to overshadow the noble meaning of our lives and humanity. We must remember that our most important gift is not the umwrapped present but the random acts of kindness, small favours done unasked and moments of love and unselfishness spent with family and friends. This is what really makes the difference in the human experience.

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