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Need help with clothes, foodstuff

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Need help with clothes, foodstuff

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Dear Christine,
I wish you a happy holiday and I hope my letter reaches you in great health. I am hoping you hear my cry and assist me.
Christine, I am a mother of three and trying my very best but can’t seem to make ends meet. My job is not enough to support me and my family because it is way below the minimum wage.
I would be grateful if you could help us with foodstuff, a dining table, some clothes and shoes for me and my three kids.
My son is nine and wears a size 10 shirt, a 28-inch waist pants and size 5 shoes.
I have two daughters, aged 18 and 22. They both wear medium-sized shirts, their pants size is 15/16 and shoe sizes are 9/10 and 7/8, respectively.
I am also asking if anyone out there needs a general worker,?I am available. Please help us enjoy this season.
– CB