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Arawak workers on strike

Kenmore Bynoe

Arawak workers on strike

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“Pay us our due, we do not want any more promises!”
That was the cry at the Arawak Cement Company’s plant in St. Lucy this morning as over 55 general workers downed tools and vowed not to resume work until they were given retroactive pay apparently dating back as far as 2002.
Some of this money, they say, range from $500 to $5 000. Stating that they had been given promises of payment since August 2010, some of the disgruntled workers indicated that they voted to stop work after a meeting was held with management this morning with no guarantee of payment of this money forthcoming.
A meeting was then held between the workers and the union delegates where a vote was taken to stop work giving the union delegates a chance to meet with management. It is reported that union officials from the Barbados Workers’ Union were expected to meet with the workers later in the day.
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