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All plans are in place

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All plans are in place

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THE FLYERS AND POSTERS were out, the T-shirts on display, and strategies were being held close to the bosom.
That was the picture when the DAILY NATION visited both Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and Democratic Labour Party (DLP) camps in Carter’s, St John, on Nomination Day yesterday. The DLP office was the quieter of the two, as there were only a few people around.
Candidate Mara Thompson and her entourage submitted nomination papers at The Lodge School about 11:45 a.m.
The small group in the Dems camp, all women, were stuffing envelopes for distribution to constituents about the January 20 St John by-election.
Campaign office manager Kathleen Padmore said that, aware of Thompson’s intentions, they had started promotional preparations since December.
“We had anticipated Mara would run.
She had made up her mind, and she knew what she wanted,” Padmore said.
In addition to the posters and T-Shirts, the DLP camp also had Mara Thompson calendars to give away.
At the Barbados Labour Party office there was barely room to sit. Supporters in red shirts surrounded candidate Hudson Griffith, who had already submitted his nomination papers about 1:15 p.m..
Political leader Owen Arthur was present, outlining to his troops what was expected of each of them in the campaign – before retiring to a closed-door strategy committee meeting. (CA)
Here, Democratic Labour Party supporter Winston Fleming ( – with Mara Thompsom placards in hand – admits he has been supporting the political party all his life. At right, ten-month-old Aaliyah Small  – who was with her granny Olive Small – is rooting for Barbados Labour Party candidate Hudson Griffith.