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The dust has settled and Mara Thompson has created history in so many ways. She is the widow of a deceased Prime Minister who has taken on the task of continuing his legacy. She is also the Democratic Labour Party’s first female candidate in the constituency of St John.
 The work and affection of the last Prime Minister was illustrated as the new candidate opened her car door and made her way to the meeting room of the St John branch of the Democratic Labour Party.  Shouts of the “Queen is here” filled the St John Church yard.
The energy generated by Mara Thompson was incredible. Her poise and demeanour was only as a first lady turned politician could be.
The decision to contest the upcoming by-election has been unanimously endorsed by both councils of the Democratic Labour Party at their respective meetings held over the weekend of January 2.  
Despite the by-election bringing the candidate under the microscope, it will also provide the Democratic Labour Party’s team an opportunity to report on their stewardship under the severe global economic conditions. The campaign will signal our intention to the nation that we are battle-ready.
The public can be assured that our platform delivery will not be mired in any public controversy over missing hard drives, letters of complaints to the police or Clerk of Parliament. We acknowledge the importance of this by-election, unlike the Opposition Leader who could not forsake his long planned cruise.
 Imagine the leadership for which Owen Arthur wrestled Mia Mottley to ground for has now lost its gloss. The reality is that Arthur had hedged his bet on the DLP sinking into some political blood sport and that his second coming would have been made possible.  The hope of a leadership struggle diminished Arthur’s plan to rise from the ashes.
The matter of leadership that now consumes the upper quarter of the Barbados Labour Party political pie is what our Prime Minister Honourable Freundel is currently offering. The seriousness of the mission is exemplified in his every statement. The calculated manner of the individual has put the country at ease during a most dramatic period of national loss. He is now at the helm and settled in.
The entire country will be focused on the Prime Minister and Mara Thompson during the next two weeks as they take to every nook and cranny of St John.
We can expect that the combination of Stuart and Thompson, that has worked so well in the past will continue to bear fruit for our nation. We want to implore Barbadians to travel to St John to hear from the team.
We are at the door of creating history by electing a female of strong character and determination for the first time in St John. This act should certainly jolt the hearts and minds of the Opposition to acknowledge the importance of females, and not to undermine and discard them.
Barbadians, there is more to be heard on this matter of the war on females inside the Roebuck Street headquarters. I urge you to travel to our meetings as we unveil the truths and report the facts.
Happy New Year, once again from the team in George Street.