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She’s a queen

Carol Martindale

She’s a queen

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She’s a “queen” and a “gem of a lady” who is down to earth and confident and ready and able to defend the people of St John.
That’s how some Democratic Labour Party members described Mara Thompson, their candidate for the January 20 by-election in St John.
Minister of Housing and Lands Michael Lashley told a huge crowd at Gall Hill, St John last night that Mara is a strong defender of family values, and urged all in that parish to go out and vote.
“When you look at Mara Thompson, the decision is clear,” he said.
His colleague Chris Sinckler, who is also Minister of Finance, said he was happy to support the “wonderful, graceful” Mara as a candidate for the DLP.
However, he said he never would have predicted he would have been on a political platform reminiscing about his colleague, mentor, friend and political leader David Thompson, and supporting his wife to run in the constituency that he was parliamentary representative for up until his death on October 23.
“I never expected it in my wildest dreams” he said.