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I CONFESS: Savour bedroom bliss

as told to SANKA PRICE

I CONFESS: Savour bedroom bliss

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The following is a response to last Saturday’s I Confess column in which a woman shared her concerns that her boyfriend might be bisexual.
THE?WRITER stated that she had fears her boyfriend might be bisexual after she disclosed certain aspects of their lovemaking to a friend. I think that was her first mistake. Who is to say that that friend will keep all the information and details to herself?
You don’t need your “bedroom business” spread all around, plus the added risk of word getting back to your boyfriend. There are counsellors, pastors and others who can give good advice without fear of loose talk.
Next, she mentioned the friend raised a “red flag” she didn’t think about. I’ll raise one too: did you pause to consider that she might just be plain jealous?
You said it yourself: the man is one of the best. Sometimes friends can get in the way of a relationship. Treasure friendship but treasure your happiness more.
Now to address the quirkiness your boyfriend does. Few people are the exact same in bed. To quote you “the sex gays like, I did with guys who I’m certain are straight; so doing it with my boyfriend means nothing”. You would have to know that not everyone goes that route but that doesn’t mean something is wrong with them.
Simply put, people do in bed what pleasures and stimulates them. As long as the parties involved are consenting, what feels right IS right!
To put it in plain Bajan terms, “Dah is dem business”.
Don’t read more into the situation than is already there.
My wife has accused me of things I never did, but she can be emotional and I don’t fault her for saying what’s troubling her. That’s how things get worked out too. Some men are neat freaks (some women will find this hard to believe) and that doesn’t mean they are gay.
Just enjoy the relationship and concentrate on making your man happy.
Good luck.