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MAVIS BECKLES: Change must happen

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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This week I would l like tuh step back in time over the last decade and look at some o’ the things I touched on during dat time. Some dat were good, some not suh good, and others dat were downright disgusting. But the political arena is so active and interesting even fuh me who doan get involved in any kinda politics dat I cahn help but talk bout it.
But before I look too far back, I have tuh ask if wunna see how dat young lady Mara didn’t take my foolish advice? Wunna see dat she gone full steam straight ahead and now saying dat she is a candidate fuh the St John seat.
Well, she would have tuh know. I could only see it through my eyes, but evahbody gotta know fuh duh selves.
I saw her pon TV talking fuh the first time after she accepted the nomination and came outside o’ the building tuh talk tuh the public. I was waiting tuh hear what she was going tuh say; how she was gine handle herself.
Lookin for passion
I was waiting tuh hear something solid, something sound, something powerful, something dat would grab ya attention, something dat would tell me dat she got the passion fuh the job at hand.
I ain’t hear she say one single word ’bout wanting tuh make a difference in St John, nor some o’ the things dat she would like tuh see happen in St John.
I ain’t hear she talk bout nutten apart from the fact dat the people up in there wanted her tuh represent dem in the next by-election.
And, in dat short speech, tuh tell the trute, all it sound like was duh want me so I gine oblige dem.
My sister called me the same time she was talking and ask me if um is only because the people o’ St John want she tuh fill in and walk in David Thompson shoes, and tuh keep his memory alive dat she tekking on the job.
Soul, I ain’t know ’cause um sound tuh me like taking the position like it ain’t got nutten tuh do wid wha’ she want or not want tuh do.
But from how she put it, it look like um is only wha’ the people in St John want.
Um look like the people in St John only want somebody who dem familiar wid, and because duh want tuh hold on tuh Mr Barrow and Mr Thompson memory, she is the closest thing tuh dem.
But I tell ya, when all is said and done, I hope dat all o’ dem up in there know dat Mrs Thompson might not be able tuh hang out pon the block wid dem; she might not want tuh sit down and slam a dom nor fire a grog wid dem, neither is she one o’ the boys.
I also hope she know dat like in evahthing, when the honeymoon is over, there is something called reality.
Anyway, we will wait and see how things develop and turn out up in there ’cause um ain’t look like the Barbados Labour Party gine roll over and play dead; um look like dem gine after the seat like anybody else. Ting, um name politics and from all I have seen and heard in my time pon this earth, it is a messy business. This should be quite interesting though.
As I said earlier, I ain’t like this politics thing but I hear a man saying the other day dat he just sitting back and watching how things happening ’bout here.
He say we ain’t got nuh deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister ain’t got nuh ministry.
He say nuh matter how much talk and carrying on happening wid the police, the criminals getting way wid bare murder ’bout here, duh doing as duh like, when duh like and, if ya doan mind, tuh who duh like.
But next week I gine look back at the last decade and some o’ the things dat we need tuh change ’bout here.