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PUDDING & SOUSE: Genes speak loud and clear

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Genes speak loud and clear

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A?WELL-known man had a major embarrassing moment in cyberspace when his equally notorious former girlfriend posted the results of his paternity test on her Facebook page showing there was a 99.99 per cent chance that he was the father of her child.
Word has it that her Facebook page had thousands of hits and at one point even became inaccessible.
All the man’s friends are laughing at him since he often bragged that he could never be the child father and that the woman was looking for a mock daddy.
The man, who is a known womaniser, was so ashamed that he was missing in action from the hard courts for a few days and even blocked his own Facebook page.
His friends want him to know that the next time he gets caught in a bind he shouldn’t cook up an excuse but step up to the plate and man up to his responsibilities.
Workers want lazy brute gone
Workers at a certain business place want to know why management does not grant one of the workers his New Year’s resolution and transfer him to another department.
Apparently, this man has been loitering on the job for several months, especially in the lunch room, drawing up under his pregnant lover and bellowing out that he ain’t working anymore.
And when he does go to his desk, which is very seldom, he resorts to bullying his colleagues and behaving as if he is in charge.
Workers want management to either transfer this big, lazy man or send him home since his contribution at work amounts to zero.  
Cheater sticks close to wife
A wife who was being horned by one of her husband’s workmates has shipwrecked the boat that the two of them were rocking.
All of a sudden, since wifey found out about the affair, her husband can no longer be seen on Wednesday night cruises, where he used to make out with his girlfriend on the ship.
People say he has turned into a knight in shining armour and is sticking close to home and professing his love for his wife.
But his sidekick, who speaks with an accent, is making her own waves. Word has it that she sent the police to warn wifey after she was embarrassingly confronted in front of her workmates. People say she is definitely behaving like a character from the block and should realise that it is time to move on.
Fed up with blabbermouth’s tales
There is a blabbermouth woman who works in a certain business and people want her to stop washing her dirty linen in public.
Apparently, she tells everybody her business and then talks about everybody’s business, even making up things just for a conversation.
The sad thing is that she can’t read and write but is always adding on and substracting things to say.
She needs to realise that people are tired of hearing her life story about her deadbeat man. If she took more time to do her duties at work and stopped talking so much, maybe she would see where her money is going and she wouldn’t have to be begging for lunch and waiting for leftovers every day.