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Fenced in at home

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Fenced in at home

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Construction mogul Bjorn Bjerkhamn has fenced off a parcel of land he owns at Road View in St Peter, leaving six householders hemmed in.
Residents living in the small tenantry said they noticed workmen digging holes and planting poles on Monday. By Wednesday, about 100 feet of chain-link fencing had been erected, with a small entrance gate which they are now using to get to and from their homes.
“Nobody came and told us what was going on. We don’t mind him fencing off his land; but he could have left an additional two feet so that vehicles can get in here. What will happen if an ambulance or fire truck has to come here. No vehicles can get in here at all!” an upset resident said.
Another resident declared she was shocked to see the fencing when she came home from work. “I was like, ‘Wait wuh happening?’,” she said, adding that she was hesitant to open the gate, because she did not know if she could.
“I am building my house and I want to know what will happen when trucks come to deliver material for me,” she cried. Another neighbour said she called Bjerkhamn’s office at Jada Construction to find out what was going on.
“His assistant told me that there was another entrance that we could use at Sweet Home Road, which is at the other end of this gap; but that is somebody’s backyard and there are usually two vehicles parked there. So that is no help to us.”
And the residents are even more fearful that they could lose total access to their homes because immediately behind their properties is a tennis hard court whose owner has already erected poles to fence the court.
The residents said they were very dissapointed that Bjerkhamn, who also lives at Road View and owns St Peter’s Bay condominiums, and is in the process of building the Palezzate Residences next door – both of which are at Road View – did not meet with them to tell of his plans.
Bjerkhamn was engaged in meetings yesterday and was unable to speak to the SUNDAY?SUN. However, his project manager Betty Cathrow, who spoke on his behalf, said before the fence was erected she and Bjerkhamn drove around Road View researching the area and had determined that the residents could use what she called “the original access”?at Sweet Home Road. She said they were unaware that the road was actually a resident’s property.
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