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Trophy in the name of Tiny

Trevor Thorpe

Trophy in the name of Tiny

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A trophy to perpetuate the name of multiple motorsport club founder John “Tiny” Harrison will be presented at the annual awards presentation of the Motoring Club Barbados Inc. (MCBI) on January 29 at the Wildey Gymnasium.
Club president David Williams told SUNSPORT that since Harrison, although being a competitor, was best known as an administrator and an organiser, that the trophy would for members of the club’s committee. “Tiny’s skills were best known at committee level, where he excelled at putting things in place, such as rules and regulations and certain criteria for the operations of clubs,” Williams said.According to the MCBI president, the Tiny Harrison Memorial Trophy would be up for grabs among members of the motoring club’s committee of management annually. “It would be a perpetual trophy and winners will be given a minature at the presentation. The initiative was done in consultation with the Harrison family and a member of that family will be invited to present the trophy at the awards ceremony,” the MCBI president noted.
Harrison, who was 54, served as the first chairman of the Barbados Dirt Track Club, forerunner to the Motoring Club Inc. Barbados (MCBI), a club which he formed in 1979 in association with Lance Deane.
He also founded the Barbados Auto Racing League (BARL) where he served as its first chairman from 1996 to 2002 and two years ago was responsible for the founding of the Barbados Association of Drifters and Dragsters (BADD) and was its chairman until his passing last month.
At the club’s awards ceremony which is slated to start at 7 p.m at the gymnasium, Sol Rally Barbados 2010 winner Roger “The Sheriff” Skeete, who is also the Motoring Club’s 2010 champion driver, will head the list of awardees at the ceremony.