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United BLP

Carlos Atwell

United BLP

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Any issues of disunity in the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) are irrelevant, as the upcoming by-election will see a united party, says campaign manager Dale Marshall.
Marshall said yesterday that both Mia Mottley and Cynthia Forde would be present on the BLP platform in support of candidate Hudson Griffith.
“This by-election will see a united BLP. I intend to mobilise all of the resources of the BLP and everyone has indicated they are 100 per cent on board. Cynthia Forde and Mia Mottley are part of the BLP family; so it is natural for them to take part,” he said during a tour of Sargeant Street, St John, by BLP candidate Hudson Griffith.
Marshall said that despite “initial doubts” about whether the BLP had a chance, the “outpouring of warmth” members had received was proof the people of St John were ready to listen to the party.
“We have surpassed our benchmarks and we feel the message of the BLP is getting out there,” Marshall said.
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