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Benefits of breadfruit

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Benefits of breadfruit

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Roasted breadfruit and cow heel soup may be important to winning an election in St John.
But getting voters to change a mindset about the two major political parties is also key.
These are the views of the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) candidate for the January 20 by-election in St John, businessman Hudson Griffith. He told a public meeting in Massiah Street, St John last night that voters in the parish tended to favour people who ate roasted breadfruit, drank cow heel soup and took part in more than one election.
“They say (former Prime Minister and St John Member of Parliament David) Thompson used to come and sit down and eat roast breadfruit,” Griffith told the gathering of about 300 people.
“So I eat roast breadfruit.” Prospective voters also asked: “You does eat, drink cow heel soup?” Griffith reported.
“I got three children. I don’t think I need to say any more…. St John, I drink cow heel soup, eat roast breadfruit and come more than once … to St John.”
He said he had been canvassing the constituency in 2008 on behalf of BLP candidate Tyrone Power, so he could not be regarded as a newcomer to the people of St John.
Griffith said the BLP had done much more for the people of St John than the Dems had. According to him, the BLP had built the Gall Hill library, the Gall Hill Community Centre, houses at Colleton, the Gall Hill housing project, the day nursery at Colleton, the fishing complex at Consett Bay, the Four Roads Fire Station, the Four Roads Post Office, as well as several roads and installed lights, water and telephones across St John.