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UWI to get $138m

Carol Martindale

UWI  to get $138m

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“Get in and do your work and get out”.
This was the strong and clear message Chris Sinckler sent to those attending and looking to attend the University of the West Indies (UWI).
His comments came last night as he addressed a political meeting at Coach Hill, St John.
Sinckler, who is Minister of Finance, while reiterating the Democratic Labour Party’s commitment to free education and access to education in Barbados, was equally strong in his plea to recognize that there were some people who want to get into the university.
“Principle is priniciple,” he said, noting that the majority of students are accepted at the “less than required standard”.
He said the days of going into university and changing faculties and courses, and hanging out, were over.
Sinckler noted that the party’s commitment was “unchallenged and without question”.
“Every year since we got into office we increased the university budget,” he said.
Sinckler said this year, they would be getting $138 million.