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BLP getting no traction, says Benn

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BLP getting no traction, says Benn

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MINISTER?of Trade and Commerce Haynesley Benn on Wednesday night accused the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) of never valuing St John.
He told a gathering at a Democratic Labour Party political meeting at Coach Hill in St John that not only had the BLP?neglected the parish, but that they had also called it the poorest in Barbados.
Benn said the BLP had tried to make a number of issues topical during the campaign, but had been forced to abandon them.
For instance, he said, the party had tried to make the unfinished polyclinic in St John an issue, but was reminded that it had come to power in 1994 and had not touched the polyclinic in its 14 years in office.
“Their stalwarts told them to back off of that because they also reminded them of the Sir Lloyd Sandiford Centre which they refused as well to do anything about,” he said.
He added that the Opposition also tried to speak about leadership, but “[Owen] Arthur was advised not to pursue this path because the BLP was in no position to speak about leadership at this time”.
“They have now resorted to cursing David . . . but there is no point cursing David Thompson at this time.
“They have resorted now to attacking Mara and her status as a Barbadian . . . . Mara was married to a Barbadian and has lived in Barbados for over 20 years – she therefore qualifies.”
Benn said the by-election was a test for Arthur. He also said that the Opposition Leader was distracted because he qwas facing an internal dilemma in his party.
“This  election is all about the Leader of the Opposition. He is still on his way back to leadership, but he is not comfortable. There are too many distractions – four or five of his team are not playing his game,” Benn charged. (MB)