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GIAB happy with bill

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GIAB happy with bill

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THE MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL Bill 2010 has received support from the General Insurance Association of Barbados (GIAB).
In a Press release yesterday, GIAB said it was “expressing its delight” with Minister of Health Donville Inniss comments.
In particular the association was supporting how the bill now made it mandatory for doctors to supply medical reports to their patients within three months of  being requested or face disciplinary action.
GIAB?said: “These medical reports play a pivotal role in the case management process and assessing the likely award of damages injured persons receive as a result of an insurance claim.
“Member companies will also be empowered to address interim payments to claimants in an efficient manner. Both insurance companies and claimants are placed at a disadvantage when preparation of medical reports from attending physicians is delayed.”
The bill was passed on Tuesday and repeals the Medical Registration Act 1972. It facilitates the establishment of the Barbados Medical Council, the registration of medical practitioners as well as their conduct and discipline, the prescription of qualifications, approval of standards and requirement for continual education and training, and the regulation of advertising by medical practitioners.
However, the GIAB still wants another issue rectified: that of settlement delays concerning police reports.
“On another issue which delays the settlement of claims relates to the preparation of police reports. A year ago, members of the GIAB met with the Commissioner of Police and his senior officers.
“At that meeting the issue relating to the length of time police reports take to prepare was raised.
“The GIAB is also hoping that some positive action will soon be taken in this regard and that requested reports are produced within a similar time frame.
“The GIAB wants to assure the public that its members are committed to ensuring speedy resolution of all claims presented and supports all efforts to reduce wastage in health care and related costs.” (CA/PR)