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FLYING FISH & COU COU – Lonely down Memory Lane

marciadottin, [email protected]

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POLITICS can really be a lonely journey.
That was quite evident on Wednesday night when a well-known politico, accustomed to being surrounded by supporters, was seen on a St John street walking towards his vehicle without a friend or foe in sight.
Once regarded as a messiah by those who back him, this former big-up has been travelling by himself to and from St John, often making lonely exits.
Still, as far as Cou Cou knows, he does not owe a fella a cent.
End of the rude
IT SEEMS that a certain media hopper is once again about to take a hike.
The truth is that with his affiliations, he is virtually “untouchable”, but there seems to be other “untouchables” who have apparently become fed up with his arrogant and rude attitude.
In the past his strength has been in the print media, but most recently he has been trying his hand at the big screen.
As they say, nothing lasts forever.
Parting of the ways
IT IS A BATTLE of the heart, but no one is sure where the arrow is pointing.
Cou Cou now understands that a certain public issue has unfolded because of a falling out between two big boys in a certain revered profession.
The question is: Will the suits now be thrown away, or is someone in for a big payday?
Catfight in offing
WHEN can a cat beat a dog?
Probably only when the dog may very well be a cat. That was the case recently when a certain sports administrator was unceremoniously removed from being a coach in a field that normally employs women.
What certain ballers are saying, though, is that once the favoured shepherd is selected to take the flock to the east, it will be like setting the cat amongst the pigeons.
Comeback trails
IF THERE WERE any doubts, it is now becoming quite clear that two bigwigs of times gone by are about to re-enter the political arena.
For sure, a big chested high-flyer is anxious to get back on the starting blocks and is confident he can stew what colleagues on his side have been describing as prime pork.
Indeed, on a platform recently, he made clear that he had already put one former champion in his barn, and has now set his sights on dethroning another.
Cou Cou understands he has already met with the big boss, and declared his interest and is now out on the house-to-house beat.
The other bigwig due to make a comeback is in the east, although his interest is not yet sure.
In any event, he would have quite a tall order to take out the current general.
Musical chairs
TALK around Bay Street is that a game of musical chairs may soon be played out.
This is of course in anticipation of a new face making her entrance to a certain City institution.
Cou Cou understands that two heads may be on the block – one from St Michael and one from a central location. Neither brawn nor beauty might be good enough to save the day for these two.