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MAVIS BECKLES – The women bussing shots

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MAVIS BECKLES – The women bussing shots

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I read the court cases every day and recently I realise dat a lot o’ women nowadays getting bold as France and getting just as involved in criminal activityas the men.
I was more than shocked the other day when I read two separate cases in the newspapers dat allegedly involved women.
Now I read the one ’bout a woman who after having some kinda grouse wid her needleworker, went home, collect a gun, then went tuh St Philip and lick off some shots up in there.
Different times
I gine be honest wid ya. When I read it, I had tuh laugh because I could not imagine a woman doing something so. But when I done, I had tuh say dat evahthing and evahbody changing ’bout here, ya hear?
Only this morning I was talking tuh a friend o’ mine who I know does read my column faithfully evah single week. I tell her dat I might write this week ’bout how dread the women ’bout here getting, bussing shots and all kinds o’ things so.
She allow me tuh know dat women was always in crime and they always instigated crime; dat um ain’t only now – it is evah sence.
She right, ya know. Look, we went down the road talking ’bout how some women does know dat a man ain’t wukking nuhwhere but because he does have a li’l piece o’ change in he pockets all the time and dem could get a li’l something off him every once in a while, some o’ dem does still go and get involved wid he.
A man might even have two or three children from one woman, sometimes from two or three different women.
Let me say it again: he ain’t wukking nuhwhere, hear?
He does have on a big-able thick gold chain round he neck, two earrings, a couple o’ gold rings and always got on the latest in gear; and when the day come, nuhbody doan see he going nuhwhere tuh do nuh kinda wuk.
But the women does get involved wid dem and condone whatevah duh doing. Dat is crime too!
Look,  fuh as long as I could remember, ya would always hear ’bout men brekking into people houses, duh cars or duh businesses. I cahn remember evah hearing or reading ’bout nuh women doing it,
but I realize dat the women nowadays like duh coming out militant, getting on like the men and doing the same things dat dem doing.
I read ’bout another court case in the papers the other day where duh say dat three people went into a house and torment the couple.
I think the man say dat there were two women ’cause he say dat one o’ the women bong on pon he wife while the man was pouring some warm blows in him. So ya see wha’ I mean now?
The women like duh ain’t satisfied tuh know dat the men involved in the criminal activity like tiefing or even selling drugs. As far as they are concerned, dem in it too.
Sharing the spoils I gine be honest wid ya. Fuh the way how things going nowadays, I believe dat women does help in carrying out some o’ these very crimes. After all, look at it: dem raking in some o’ the spoils too and keeping duh mouts shut tight, tight, tight.
Another thing is this: whenevah the police catch up pon some o’ these young criminals and bring dem before the law courts, ya does hear dat duh got one, two or three li’l children and a girlfriend tuh support; but again, duh ain’t wukking nuhwhere, ya know.
And take a good look at the girlfriend and the children. Dem doan look like duh suffering, so ya’all doan think dat the girlfriend would done know wha’ dem doing? Dat too is crime.
I think the word fuh dat is an accomplice or an accessory.
The way how things going and looking nowadays, while the women might not be directly involved in some o’ the criminal activity dat the men doing, indirectly duh bussing shots.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans.She has an opinion on everything.