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PUDDING & SOUSE – Stripping away pretence

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PUDDING & SOUSE – Stripping away pretence

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IT SEEMS that a well-known person, who has been doing everything in her power to stay young and fresh, has no intention of letting her hubby out of her sight.
She apparently followed him to a strip club located just off Spring Garden Highway and physically removed him from the joint after giving him a piece of her mind.
From what we understand, this all happened after the high-profile couple had attended a big event after which her hubby was invited by two of his buddies to join them at the club.
He sent his wife home, but instead of going there she followed him to the club. His shocked friends who witnessed her tirade were equally amused when he sheepishly got into his vehicle and drove home behind her.
The way she behaved and carried on left many a tongue wagging. Even the girls in the place were saying that even though she appeared insecure about her man, she could have conducted herself with a little class.
Graveyard shift
Cemetery workers want to know why one of their colleagues is always absent from work every Wednesday and Thursday, but is still being paid for those days.
Some of them carried out their own investigations and discovered that this person spends those days at the Bridgetown Port doing another trade when the tourists ships come in.
There are suggestions that the individual gets some of his friends to sign the book at the office indicating that he reported for work.
The matter has been drawn to management’s attention, but so far no action has been taken against this person.
Upset workers want this ongoing problem to be dealt with so that the matter can be dead and buried.
Headstrong indeed
THERE IS a bald-head woman who has been causing a lot of confusion at her work place.
First of all, she is very unkind to her elderly charges, sometimes even neglecting them, and she cannot even maintain a friendship with any of her colleagues, because she has a reputation for being malicious and dangerous.
Not too long ago she left her husband to hook up with another man just because she got tired of her husband.
Her friends want her to take some time to examine her life and her behaviour, and maybe then she will also understand why her hair keeps falling out.
Cheat gets the boot
The new year has only just began but a certain woman has fulfilled her first resolution – she kicked her no-good man out of the house.
This man has been cheating on her for years and even got a woman pregnant last year and tried to hide it from her, but his child mother spilled the beans.
While she treated him to a good time over the holidays, little did he know that his new year’s gift was yet to come.
He went home last week Friday after a night out partying only to find all of his belongings on the pavement and a letter saying “hit the road, Jack”.