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Cultural Option

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Cultural Option

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With Government promoting the cultural industries as a viable business option in Barbados, a number of private entrepreneurs have taken up the challenge to branch out into this area. Some of the emerging opportunities have been in the music sector and in art, both of which have been in the spotlight in the past week.
There were the many jazz shows which sought to fill the vacuum created by the Barbados Jazz Festival. Then there were exhibitions by visual artists who showcased and sought to sell their work.
In the case of jazz shows and visual art exhibitions, the corporate sector was specifically targeted.
There is a major exhibition at the Barbados Museum & Historical Society from the H. Richard Sonis and Nancy S. K. Sonis collection, showcasing 26 Barbadian artists.
While these pieces are not for sale, they introduce both the inidvividual and corporate citizen to a wealth of art in a variety of locally available media. (ES)