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Carnival in Gall Hill

Barry Alleyne, in Gall Hill, St John

Carnival in Gall Hill

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It was a carnival like atmosphere in Gall Hill, St John tonight.
With results pouring in from today’s by-election rolling in, there’s no doubt where the winner’s circle is, even though the results are not final.
At the Democratic Labour Party’s constituency office, police have their work cut out, as throngs of people gather to prepare for a Mara Thompson party.
Just 50 yards up the road, the situtation is much less subdued at the Barbados Labour Party constituency office.
The DLP office has been standing room only since 10 p.m where hundreds have gathered to watch a 12-foot screen showing Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, representing the Government, Senator Kerrie Symmonds, representing the Opposition, and political scientist Peter Wickham, debate the pros and cons of today’s events on live television.
DLP faithful have already picked up placards bearing Thompson”s likeness, and are simply waiting to accept their new representative into their busom.