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Hive of activity

Barry Alleyne, in Gall Hill, St John

Hive of activity

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It appears to be just another normal night in the rural parish of St. John.
But that is only at first glance.
In the Gall Hill community especially, there is something different in the air.
Increased traffic in the area was the first glaring sign earlier tonight, that a by-election is taking prominence in the lives of people from the usually quiet parish.
At 8 p.m., party faithful of the Democratic Labour Party were already gathering outside their constituency office, in the traditional party colour yellow, eagerly awaiting the result of today’s by-election, a two-person race between the DLP’s Mara Thompson, widow of the late Prime Minister, David Thompson, and BLP candidate, Hudson Griffith.
Though voting closed at 6 p.m, the Gall Hill area continues to see a marked increase in pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
The Barbados Labour Party’s constituency office, which is only 50 yards from the DLP’s, also was a hive of activity as members huddled around eagerly awaiting the election result.