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In poll position

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In poll position

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ST JOHN was in a state of last-day preparation yesterday for today’s by-election.
There were posters to be replaced and wheelchair ramps and electrical and plumbing work to be completed at some polling stations.
Returning officer for the constituency, John Richard Harris, said rain had damaged posters which were being replaced.
“Things are going well, they are on track,” he told the WEEKEND?NATION.
At St John’s Primary School in Glebe Land, workers from the Ministry of Transport and Works were completing a wheelchair ramp.
Over at The Lodge School, where the votes will be counted, it was quiet and personnel were awaiting further instructions.
Repair work was also going on at the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church in Wilson Hill.
Electrician Pedro Newsam said there were still lights to be placed and work to be done on the plumbing. (CA)