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IT MATTERS TO MARIA: Muddy mess at Thicketts

Maria Bradshaw

IT MATTERS TO MARIA: Muddy mess at Thicketts

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A?MUDDY?situation is becoming overbearing for Joseph Bourne of Thicketts, St Philip.
Since early last year mud has been sliding down from Thicketts Plantation, which is opposite his house, and creating a mess in the road. It has been so bad that the road is sometimes impassable.
An upset Bourne said recently he had to shovel loads of mud that was blocking his driveway so that he could access his home. And while other affected residents can use alternative routes, he is forced to navigate through the mud because his house is the closest to the plantation.
In addition, Bourne said a mess was usually created outside his home when daring drivers drove through the mud.
He said he contacted the Drainage Unit to have the mud removed, but up to yesterday no one had turned up.
I spoke to an official at the Drainage Unit who indicated that the situation at Thicketts was an ongoing problem. However, he said a Bobcat would be deployed to the area to have the mud removed.