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Polling stations all set

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Polling stations all set

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THE CANVASSING IS OVER, and now it is time for the voting and then the counting.
It is by-election day in St John today and the showdown is between two first-timers: Mara Thompson, widow of former Prime Minister David Thompson, the former for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Member of Parliament for the constituency, and Hudson Griffith, of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP).
A total of 8 464 people are legally registered to vote in the constituency, with up to 46 having placed their X on the ballot papers already.
Those that have voted already would have included electoral officers and overseas voters.
“Everything has been going smoothly up to now,” chairman of the Electoral and Boundaries Commission,?Owen?Estwick, told the WEEKEND NATION.
“We have had no hitches and I do not foresee any problems. My latest report is that all the stations are equipped. [We] just need to ensure that … adequate lighting is in place, but I believe that is being taken care of as we speak.”
There are 15 polling districts, the biggest in JE1 (915 eligible voters) which would include Sargeant Street, College Savannah, College Land, Sealy Hall and Fortesque, while box JC1 carries the smallest number of eligible voters (290). That would include residents from Pool Land, Four Roads and Roebuck Street.
In all, 4270 men are eligible to vote and 4194 women.
Last night, the two political parties had their final mass meetings, with both saying they were happy with their respective campaigns.
Everything now hinges on the turnout and vote. In the January 15, 2008 general election the DLP’s David Thompson secured 4 300 votes, or 83 per cent of the votes cast, compared with 829 votes of BLP candidate Tyrone Power.
As far as Estwick is concerned, all systems have been put in place.
 “I would just like all officers to report to their stations by 5:30 a.m. But we are ready,” Estwick said. (CG)