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Fight on

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Workers could lose the freedoms fought for and won by people like National Hero the late Errol Walton Barrow, according to Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) General Secretary Sir Roy Trotman.
In a message yesterday – Errol Barrow Day – at celebrations sponsored by the union’s youth arm at the Labour College at Mangrove, St Philip, Sir Roy reminded workers that they had to keep fighting to retain ground that labour leaders had fought hard to achieve.
“The workers of Barbados have won freedom, they have won democracy, they have won the freedom to associate, but employers are trying to remove it day after day in every conceivable manner,” Sir Roy charged.
“We have to use occasions like this, when we think of [Errol] Barrow, when we think of [Sir Hugh Springer, Sir Grantley] Adams and the great Frank Leslie Walcott, to bear in mind that they are people trying to take away what you have.”
There were some employers who were hell-bent on causing difficulty in the country and it was on days like yesterday that the warriors who were able to win the support and dedication of the people of Barbados should be remembered, he added.