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Love of God by love of man

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Love of God by love of man

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The number 13 proved holy for the St Barnabas Church yesterday morning when that number of worshipers received Holy Confirmation by the Bishop of Barbados Dr John Holder, with Rector Mark Harewood and his father Canon Ivor Harewood taking part in the ceremony.
Bishop Holder drew his message from St Luke, which spoke of loving the Lord “with all of thy heart, all of thy soul and all of thy strength” and loving “thy neighbour as thyself”, to remind the congregation that loving God is manifested in loving people.
The bishop challenged the confirmands if they were prepared to serve Christ by loving their neighbours as themselves, while reminding them that the Diocese was celebrating the Year Of Stewardship with emphasis on the family.
“Do you worship on Sundays and then do not pay any attention to the environment which belongs to God? Do you worship on Sundays and then do not live up to family responsibilities?” Holder asked.
“Sacrament is a way of recalling our responsibilities to be good stewards. Stewardship, accountability and responsibility are key in being good Christians,” the Anglican leader said.