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Monitor the low divisions

Philip Hackett

Monitor the low divisions

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THE Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) needs to maintain a greater presence around clubs in lower divisions of the domestic competitions.
This view was expressed by president of the Yorkshire Cricket Club Louis Linton. He was speaking to SUNSPORT following his team’s success in the BCA’s Division 2 final at the Foursquare Oval last weekend.
 “I think the BCA needs to have a representative coming around looking at some of these games in the lower divisions and make a report,” Linton said.
“I think the club structure in some of the lower divisions needs to be formalised.
“Some clubs have not held an annual general meeting for a number of years. That is something that needs to be done, and a system of accountability put in place.
“The BCA is spending a lot of money on cricket and they need to know that the clubs are well organized.”
In a thrilling finish to the three-day final, Yorkshire defeated the Barbados Workers’ Union by 23 runs to capture the coveted title.
According to Linton, it was Yorkshire’s first appearance in a Division 2 final since 1982.
“It’s a very happy occasion for me and for the club. It’s good to see that we have got some silverware for the 2010 season,” he said.
“We did pretty well in the Upper Intermediate and we look forward to being represented in the Intermediate, with the second division team being promoted.”
Linton acknowledged the challenges his club will face with the second division team moving to a higher level, but emphasized that they had already started to put things in place to prepare for competition in the Intermediate and to enhance their cricket in the Upper Intermediate.
“Only recently we held a committee meeting and we have put a cricket committee in place.
“We anticipate that there will be some changes in the Upper Intermediate as well.” he said.
“The pitches will be covered from next season and we are also expecting that coaches will be assigned. They [the BCA] are trying to put it on par, as far as I am aware, with the first division, so we have implemented a cricket committee.
“We are looking at sponsorship. We are aware that we have to increase the ground staff, so we are already working on that,” Linton revealed.
Linton said that the club is also scouting out players and is currently planning an overseas tour for the Easter period.
He said this would create an opportunity for some new young players to blend with the other club members.
Linton noted that Yorkshire are very keen to recruit talented schools’ players who are about to complete their secondary education.
The club president, who is well known for his media coverage of cricket in the lower divisions, is also urging the BCA to seriously consider the players at Upper Intermediate level when national teams are being selected.
He believes that with the promotion and relegation system in place, relegated clubs could lose players unless the BCA makes it clear that the Upper Intermediate teams are considered as part of the selection process.
Linton was high in praise for the Pickwick club and the BCA for the arrangements made in hosting the final at Foursquare, noting the presence of BCA cricket operations manager Rollins Howard throughout the event.
Captain Deighton Jackman shared Linton’s delight at Yorkshire’s success.
He admitted there were some critical moments but he always had full confidence in his side.
 “My team is a fighting team; this is a fighting unit. We fought the whole season. We always backed one another and we never gave up,” said the  veteran cricketer.
Jackman noted that his players will now have to start the process of acclimatising to three-day cricket, noting that it will be his job and that of the coaches to ensure they are adequately prepared.