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Murphy’s law: When in Barbados, live it up!

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Murphy’s law: When in Barbados, live it up!

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Model Nicole Murphy says she has “no regrets” about her divorce from actor Eddie Murphy.
“I have a beautiful man” she boasts,   and she says she is looking forward to getting hitched to former New York Giants NFL?player Michael Strahan perhaps this summer.The two are engaged.
Easy magazine caught up with the beauty  last week at Ilaro Court, the Prime Minister’s official residence where she and Strahan were attending a reception for visitors to Barbados last week.
“Michael and I were talking, and we were like, ‘let’s go somewhere, let’s go to Barbados’.
“ We are here and its absolutely unbelievable”, she gushed, bubbling over with exuberance.
The two enjoyed a six-day holiday as guests of  Hilton Barbados where Murphy said she lazed in the enchanting Atlantic Ocean waters for long periods, something she had never done before while visiting an island.
“I had to tell Michael this is the first time I have gone to an island where I stayed in the water for hours in the ocean because I am really scared of the island waters.”
So entranced are the two over Barbados,  Murphy said they were discussing the possibility of getting a home here.
It was a great get-away from the five Murphy children, Bria 21, Myles 18, Shayne 16, Zola 11 and Bella 8. The four girls and one boy alternate weekly staying with both parents, and Nicole says she and Murphy remain “great friends”.
She has been “having fun” working on her new jewellery line FLP  (Friendship, Love, Peace) by Nicole Murphy, and is still modelling and keeping her five- foot ten frame in shape, working out.
The professional model for LA Models in Los Angeles has strutted the fashion world’s major runways showing off  the designs of the best known names in the world of fashion design.