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Residents burn bushy area

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Residents burn bushy area

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RESIDENTS of Kensington New Road, St Michael have had enough and today took matters into their own hands, setting fire to the area next to the old Yoruba House.
One man, who requested anonymity, said the issue involved a “dispute between Yoruba House and Goddard Enterprises”, which owns the nearby TMR Sales and Service Ltd, and themselves.
“Part of the land belongs to Yoruba and part to Goddard’s but neither one wants to take responsibility for it for when we complain of the bush, garbage, rats and vagrants. Each one says to talk to the other,” he said.
 The man said Government also did not seem to want to get involved as they said it was private land. However, he noted they did not seem to have that problem during Cricket World Cup in 2007 when Government sent a tractor to clear the area. (CA)