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DEAR CHRISTINE – In need of an office to assist

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE – In need of an office to assist

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Dear Christine,
First, let me wish you and all readers of THE?NATION and your column a blessed, healthy and prosperous New Year.
As an avid reader of your column, it is now my turn to request assistance in the hope of obtaining employment. I have read of people’s plight in your column and your efforts to assist them. I know there are still caring citizens in our country and I am appealing to them for help.
Christine, I am a mother of school age children with over ten years’ job experience in secretarial and office administrative duties.
I am presently without a job and, as I have a mortgage to pay, life is very hard. I have applied to every advertised vacancy appropriate for the qualifications I possess, but to no avail.
I am continually enhancing my skills by absorbing the benefits our educational institutions have to offer and have been successful in obtaining additional certification therefore making myself marketable.
My most recent certification was for the medical transcription certificate course in July 2009. I have greatly grown to love this new career immensely. Since its recent setbacks, I have tried applying for various medical vacancies, but have been unsuccessful.
Last year I continued my studies at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic in office administration – a two-year diploma course. I have successfully completed the first year.
Christine, I am computer, fax and Internet-literate. I am seeking employment as an office assistant, typist, data entry operator, medical records clerk, or as a receptionist, in any establishment. Also, I am the holder of a light goods licence.  
I would be contented even if offered employment for three days a week, as I am fully aware of the economic recession.
To avoid the additional overhead costs, I am even willing to offer my skills to work for any business from my home.
– E.S.
Dear E.S.,
I am impressed with how you laid out your letter and resumé. It spoke to your training. Though I have never met you, from the tone of your letter I hear a young woman eager for work to provide for her family, but determined to be regarded as a professional.
I admire that.
Have you ever thought about offering companies your services to fill the void left when their employees go on holiday or extended sick leave?
Some companies often turn to retired individuals they know or companies that provide such services to fill these temporary vacancies. So why can’t you ask the human resource manager at a number of companies for an interview so that they can see what you have to offer and have your name on file to fill in for anyone.
This may seem like a lot of work, but you should see it as an investment in yourself and an effort to get a foot into the door.
As you would appreciate, jobs are hard to come by these days. Even the Prime Minister himself has admitted this. He says one of the greatest challenges of the Government is having sustained employment for Barbadians.
I therefore urge you to think about what else you can do – like cooking, baking, and so on, to earn money. In tough times like these you have to be innovative.
That said, as I have your resumé, I will certainly speak with those people I know who may be interested in hiring someone with your skills.
All the best to you, but I urge you again to be innovative, as these days require such more than ever.
– Christine