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No rushing local air codes

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THERE WILL BE no shortcuts in Barbados’ aircraft regulation system, says Minister of International Transport George Hutson.
Speaking on Saturday at the Grantley Adams International Airport’s (GAIA) fifth anniversary awards and dinner at the Concorde Experience at Seawell in Christ Church, Hutson said that despite pressure from those who “should know better”, aircraft regulation was not going to be rushed.
“There are certain segments of society,” he added, “who seem to be of the view that regulating and licensing aircraft is as simple as regulating motor traffic; but there are regulatory procedures and checks which must be followed, some of which must be done in a particular sequence to conform to international best practices.”
Hutson, referring specifically to low-cost carrier REDjet, said Barbados was currently being inspected and audited in the process of achieving a category one safety rating and that how the air operator certification of the REDjet took place would influence that audit.
“Civil aviation is critical to the development of Barbados, critical to the development of the international business sector and to our tourism industry,” the minister added. “We have to show confidence in the professionalism of our civil aviation personnel and to treat their professional judgement with the same measure of respect given to the other professions.” (CA)