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Stuart: BLP can’t get under my skin

John Sealy

Stuart: BLP can’t get under my skin

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PRIME?MINISTER? Freundel Stuart has dismissed attacks on his leadership of the Government coming from the camp of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP).
Stuart, speaking to the DAILY NATION recently, said it was the style of the BLP?to lash out at the leaders of the Democratic Labour Party and that it did not start when he took up the position of  Prime Minister following the death of former Prime Minister David Thompson.
Over the weeks of campaigning for the St John by election, won by Mara Thompson, widow of David Thompson last Thursday, Opposition Leader Owen Arthur was reported as saying that Stuart had not stepped up to the plate following Thompson’s death.
But Stuart said that he had spoken to how the BLP operated when he addressed his party’s annual conference last August.
 “I reminded the party that we have never had a leader, including Errol Barrow, whom the Opposition Barbados Labour Party did not criticize.
“When we were being led [by] Barrow, we were being described as a headless party; when Erskine Sandiford was leading us, they said we had no leader; when David Thompson was leading us, it was said we had no leader [and] when Clyde Mascoll [who is now a member of the Barbados Labour Party] was leading us they said we had no leader.
“So why am I to expect I would be specially treated by the Barbados Labour Party?”
“Whether they are being reasonable or not truthful or not, that’s where their battles are fought. I respect that.
“The one thing I think they know by now is that they cannot ruffle my placidity, they can’t get under my skin, and very important, they know that I know how to defend myself.
“With that I don’t have to worry about them,” concluded Stuart.