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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Congrats, Mara! Well done!

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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Congrats, Mara! Well done!

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Wevver she born in Sin Lucia, Timbuktu or drop down hey from de moon, it en matter! De people of Sin John sen’ de message loud an’ clear las’ T’ursduh dat Mara Thompson is de body duh want to represent dem in Parliament, when duh went to de polls an’ put dah X ’gainst she name! Duh c’n mek it no clearer! Mara romp home a big winner, far ahead o’ she opponent who could only muster 553 votes to she 4 613!  
From de beginnin’, I coulda never onderstan’ why de BLP keep pushin’ de fack dat Mara din a Bajan, while dem candidate was in de same boat. He born in Sin Vincent an’ get hey when ’e was four years ole. So it look like somebody din do duh homewuk good enuff fuh a error like dah to slip by. Even ef de leader din know, dat party got sufficient bright heads dat shoulda pick it up and bring it to ’e attention, so duh all woulda stop pressin’ home dah p’int ’bout Mara, an’ go anethuh route!
Philomena tell muh she gine sen’ a box o’ tissues to help wipe de egg offa duh faces, but I sugges’ dat as Mara romp home wid de bacon, seein’ dem got de eggs, it might be better ef evahbody could fuhget issues fuh a li’l while, an’ get togedduh an’ share a friendly brekfas’ o’some bacon an’ eggs! De ethuh side might also need li’l mint tea to help settle duh nerves, doh!
I glad fuh Mara an’ de DLP as well, ’cause anethuh woman ’pon dem benches should now help boost duh reputation ’gainst de accusation dat yuh don’ fin’ tummuch women ’pon de DLP platform runnin’ fuh seats.   
Watchin’ Mara ’pon TV after de victory announcement, I was wonderin’ wuh was really gine t’rough she head! No doubt dis would have to be a bittersweet moment when she t’ink ’bout de reason dat put she ’pon dis paff! It is obvious she mus’ have nuff faif an’ courage to answer de call an’ tek up de challenge o’ runnin’ fuh dah seat! She is a real trouper! Wheyevuh David is, I believe ’e mussee smilin’ an’ feelin’ real proud an’ happy at de outcome o’ dis election! So now we say to Mara, congrats! You deserve to win! An’ to de loser, keep de faif – yuh try yuh bes’!   
We gettin’ some strange weathuh nowadays! Rain an’ mo’ rain  sence de year open – even Mara get she few showers o’ blessin’ election night! It mek yuh wonder ef de hurricane season comin’ early! I cyhan remember all dis lotta rain in January! I en fuhget dem two earfquakes dat tek place in Trinidad an’ Dominica late las’ year, or de recent news I been hearin’ ’bout de possibility o’ a serious earfquake tekkin’ place in dis region! When? We don’ know! But when I remember how people was runnin’ an’ scramblin’ ’bout when we had dah li’l tremor couple years back, I won’ like to t’ink wuh would happen ef a big one hit we! De problem wid earfquakes is dat yuh really cyhan prepare fuh one, as yuh would do wid a hurricane, all yuh could do is to hope de groun’ you ’pon, don’ open an’ swallow yuh up!
It seem as ef de weathuh patterns changin’all over de place’! Yuh jes’ got to look ’roun’ an’ see wuh happenin’! All ’cross de worl’, never-endin’ floods in Orstralia, mudslides in Brazil, all dah snow an’ ice cross Amurica an’ dem onusual col’ nights in Miami, mek yuh wonder ef Mudduh Nature en startin’ to reack to all de mistreatment –  disguise onder de name o’ “progress” – she been gettin’ from we yoomans! Ef it is time to pay up, we cyhan do neffin but jes’ tek wuhevuh we get an’ deal wid it!
Tek care o’ yuhself
 Yuh frien’ Babsie