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The good life: Peter Boyce

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The good life: Peter Boyce

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What is your greatest childhood memory?
Watching television. I used to love watching TV when I was a child, Batman, Time Tunnel, Lone Ranger, Mannix, Mr Ed, Star Trek, Bewitched, you could say I was “bewitch” behind television. To me, I don’t remember watching TV shows, I felt like I was in them, experiencing time travel, space travel and riding into cowboy towns. My fascination for television would have played a part in why I am in the entertainment business where at points I have created videos that have allowed me to be part of that world again.
What is your most fabulous moment?
Participating in the regional Toastmasters speech competition in Jamaica in 2007.
As a Bridgetown Toastmaster, I represented Barbados with a speech entitled Make a difference. It was a thrill because I never saw myself as a speaker far less to win a speech competition in Barbados and travel to compete among the Caribbean’s best. The content of the speech also reflected my personal philosophy that all of us can make a difference in our own way.
What keeps me passionate is … Being part of successful entertainment events.  I get a euphoric high when you are able to conceptualise and execute an entertainment event which is well attended and is thoroughly enjoyed by an audience. Being part of an effective team that works in unison with one common goal and the thrill of having that cohesiveness pay off. Whether its Celebration Time or The P Boyce Radio Show  when it comes off it makes my day, or night.
My biggest regret is that I didn’t start building my dream house earlier so I would have been enjoying it for a longer period. In the 1990s, my friend Claudette told me to start building while I was young and I wouldn’t regret it. I didn’t, so now I regret it.
The person who has made the biggest impact on my life?
My parents collectively. My mother and father have always supported me in all my endeavours. They encouraged me to study at Combermere and beyond and when I made a decision to go into entertainment full-time they supported that as well. All like now, my parents still support me and I intend to follow their example.
 A life-changing moment happened when I first left school and was working in a Broad Street store in the 1980s. I had a boss who was very boisterous and pugnacious who specialised in berating employees in public, so finally one day he did it to me. I thought about it overnight and decided I must make a choice as to whether I would be a man that is belittled by others or will I be one who stands up for themselves. I went to work the next morning and in the same public manner gave him a vociferous response and sat down and waited to be fired. I  wasn’t, and I haven’t looked back since.
My most treasured possession is my family. I have the most beautiful wife, Deborah, who is beautiful in more ways than one and two excellent sons, Ramon and Rico, who are both unique for different reasons.
 How did I ever exist without. . .  my Blackberry. I don’t go anywhere without it. On it, I can can email, text, Facebook, BB Message, take still pictures, shoot video, arrange my schedule, [and] make reminder notes. It also reminds me of birthdays. So it helps my relationships with people.
 What I love most about myself now is that I am in a position to choose my projects and the people I work with. So I get to work with amicable people which creates a positive environment, so work no longer becomes onerous but fun. Anyone who has ever been part of my team will testify that it’s a joy working with me and I am the best boss in the world.?Anyone who says different is fired!