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Much to shout about in Hush 3

by Stephen Hall (UK film critic)

Much to shout about in Hush 3

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Every now and again you come across a masterpiece. On this occasion for Hush 3: Twisted Innocence you’d have to travel to Barbados for the third of this trilogy, which is where this premiere was held as the movie was filmed and set in the paradise island.
   This is the finest feature film to be released from Barbados and is most likely to gain many awards. It’s on general release from January 20, 2011.
It’s rare that a film “moves” me, yet Twisted Innocence achieved the almost impossible, combining laughter balanced with horrific life drama involving all the crimes of life imaginable.
So what’s it all about?
Raped and physically abused by their drug dealer father Morris, Mikisha, pregnant at age 15, and her sister Claire, motherless and broken-hearted since the age of ten, are both at the brink of emotional disaster from Hush 2: End The Silence.
Now, a persistent Mikisha is 17 and determined to overcome those obstacles which are now seeking to destroy the fragile relationship between herself and her sister. Mikisha is spewing anger while Claire is now drowning in alcoholism, sexual perversion and drug abuse. The baby’s father, Troy, still loves her whereas Makisha looks to Brent for love.
Drama and intrigue await as these twisted strands play themselves out in this riveting real life tale.
Wow! That’s enough to fill any drama series, let alone a one-off movie that fits nicely into the concept of the three Hush movies. Teenagers beware. Watch this trilogy and learn before it’s too late.
Getting to the bare bones, enough criticism could and was levelled at Hush 1 and 2 for the camera work, editing and general acting abilities and Hush 2 was a giant leap over Hush 1.
Hush 3 leaves all of these worries behind. The Red camera is used to bring crystal clear pictures of the paradise island (I would guess the tourism authority will be pleased to see the magnificent background shots). The editing is much tighter, and Marcia Weekes has presented a screenplay that matches her high quality direction. It’s of high note that the cast and crew donated their time and energy to provide this high quality movie.
The lead actors, Sophia Thomas and Lesley Cumberbatch, enjoy wonderful full-character arcs, while Mac Fingall is allowed to deliver a remarkable athletic coach’s dream performance.
Claudette Wadman persists with being the mother and friend of the river of teenagers in trouble.
One wonders how she gets through her day with her mental health intact. Mark Daniel grows to be a quality actor as he shows emotions hard to learn and even more difficult for an actor to portray.
The film had many not only amusing, but exceptionally funny moments.
Nevertheless, the amount of humour among such dark subjects is magnificently exposed. The coach’s speech at the wedding was hilarious. It will be replayed on YouTube for many years to come.
The use of music was spot on. It was the perfect mix to match the occasion of the scene and blended well throughout. Local acts were used and prove it’s not just Rihanna that moves this small country on an international level, although Rihanna does a wonderful job, by herself, as a one-girl Barbados tourist industry. She’s not in this movie, so don’t go expecting her radiance.
Towards the end of Act Two we receive terrible news. I won’t spoil it here. The twist was both unexpected yet unconditionally shocking. The stunned silence of the audience was both respectful and full of disbelief as they took in the brilliance of the screenplay and direction.
Some Barbadians will be shocked at the subject matters discussed in this movie.
They’re here and now. They exist. Don’t try and hide behind the cold truth. The people who worked this movie deserve great praise and raised the bar for teenage information/torment movies. Teenagers are young people trying to find their way in life.
They try things. Some work out, some don’t. Experimentation happens.
Don’t ignore it. All those of us over 21 were teenagers once. Think back. This could just go on to be the movie of the year. It’s that good.