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Teen leads Apes Hill I to title

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Teen leads Apes Hill I to title

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The saying that you should never send a boy to do a man’s job was trampled on by rising polo star Adam Deane at the Clifton Polo Grounds last Sunday afternoon.
At 17 the youngest polo player in the game, Deane manfully subdued his opponents when the final of the inaugural Citizens Bank Tournament ended in overcast conditions at the St Thomas estate.
Playing for the Sir Charles-led Apes Hill I, the teenager exhibited unerring accuracy in scoring five of his team’s six goals in a hard-fought 6-5 victory over Mercedes.
“I am drained. I am totally exhausted. This was easily my toughest and roughest game ever, but I am very happy for my team,” a visibly exhausted Deane told MIDWEEK SPORT.
His sentiments were shared by Sir Charles, who was very vocal and critical of the umpiring throughout the match but who felt justice was done in the end.  
Equally critical of the umpiring was his counterpart Philip Tempro who remarked that the umpiring was the worst he had seen in a long time.
For Mercedes, Tempro and Danny Atwell were the leading scorers, with two goals each; T.J. Davis got the other goal.
Fans and supporters of the teams involved in the tournament were denied the opportunity of seeing the semi-final matches being played because heavy rains earlier in the week forced their postponement. This allowed group leaders Apes Hill 1 and Mercedes easy entry into the final.
Less than favourable conditions on Sunday did not allow for the usual subsidiary final to be played.
General manager of First Citizens Investments Services, Jason Julien, said his company was delighted to have sponsored the tournament and was looking forward to making it an annual event.
“We are aware that polo has quickly developed into one of the premier events on the Barbadian sporting calendar and [this is the reason for] our involvement,” he said.“We are very heartened by the tremendous response to this inaugural tournament and look forward to supporting the game as long as possible.”
Moments after accepting the winning trophy, Sir Charles took the microphone and threw down a challenge to Julien.
 “Your country, Trinidad, played one match against Barbados well over 30 years ago and they beat us. Tell them I say to get back into polo. Get a team and challenge us again,” he said.