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Mortar full o’ mock sport


Mortar full o’ mock sport

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THE NOOK AND CRANNY Bar is the stage for the cultural cabareta of Laff If Off – More In De Mortar.
Now in its 26th year, the production opened at the Ann Johnson Auditorium, St Gabriels’s School, last Saturday night to gales of laughter from the almost capacity crowd.
Opening night hitches notwithstanding, the cast of Peta Alleyne, Troy Special Harper, Chrispin Hackett, Toni-ann Johnson and newcomer Leon Phillips did well to keep the audience entertained as they touched on several topical issues of the day.
From the “orgasmigorical” opening aria to the final skit and the video clips in between, the night was choc-full of amusing pieces.
Lots to laugh about.
Among the must-sees is the piece from Alleyne about the newest character. There is no mistaking her love for her “PM Fondle Stroke”. Still with politics, there are some jabs at the recent by-election in St John, and something about the pit bull, who became a poodle after a reshuffle. The poodle is not without some bite though: he has a serious plan for those who commit praedial larceny.
The much-talked about back-to-school fetes got a little jab as well. There is a scene with some youngsters dressed in school uniforms close to a bus stop. When challenged by a police officer as to why they were out so late, the officer learnt that they were headed to Wadadah. The officer was en route there as well.
School bullies were also in the spotlight. One youngster had enough of his money and lunch being carried away, but he would have the last laff. A popular old time laxative was mixed in with a tasty  macaroni pie and dolphin, and the effects soon became evident to everyone. The school shotters were soon renamed.
There are several scenes where Troy Special’s tremendous talent comes to the fore. One of them has to be as the announcer Sugar Daddy Akele. He puts a clever sports spin on a number of issues in that segment.
The cast gives an insight into how the popular entertainers will look and act as the years take their toll. The cultural cabareta places them in a hospice together. It is worth the while to see the aged Smokey Burke, General, soca queen and Hypa Dawg in action. The production runs every Saturday and Sunday through February.