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MAVIS BECKLES – Tattoos here, there, everywhere

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MAVIS BECKLES – Tattoos here, there, everywhere

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Well, boy, we are living in the tattoo generation. If ya’all ain’t got a tattoo pon some part o’ ya body nowadays, ya’all just ain’t wid it, or so it would seem.
When we were growing up, the only people who ya would see wid a tattoo was the white seamen and sailors – not even the black ones fuh dat matter. Some o’ dem used tuh have the tattoos all the way up duh arms and in all kinds o’ colours, very much like now.
Funny enough, come tuh think of it, ya never used tuh see the black seamen or sailors wid the tattoos; I wonder, why?
I wonder if it was because of their religious upbringing or perhaps the fear dat they might have growing flesh and won’t look too good wid a whole lot o’ dyes under duh skin when it all black and swell up.
My mother wasn’t easy; she was a very strict, straightforward woman who used tuh tell it like it is and I gine tell ya something now: she was quick tuh let me and my siblings know dat tattoos are demonic; dat it is dye dat people putting into duh bodies and nuh matter what they do, duh cahn get it back out – it there tuh stay.
My mother used tuh leh ya know, in no uncertain terms, dat if the word o’ God say it is wrong, then it is wrong, nuh buts! Dat woman would make sure dat when she tell ya something, she coulda back it up wid the scriptures and she would take ya straight there and show ya. Well, in this case it would be Leviticus 19:28 when God gave the law dat ya shouldn’t scrawl up or cut up ya skin tuh the Israelites and it reads like this. “Do not cut your bodies for the dead and do not mark your skin with tattoos.”
So nowadays when I see the young people wid duh beautiful skin all scrawl up like a drawing book, I does have tuh wonder if they really know what the France dem doing.
Another thing is, I wonder if dem really understand the meaning o’ some o’ the symbols duh painting into duh skin. I wonder if they understand dat tattoos come from some o’ the ancient cults who does practise all kinds o’ ritualistic ungodly things
And something else ’bout this stupid fad; the women especially are guilty.You could imagine dat you as a young woman because you become so infatuated and consumed wid a man dat you allow a total stranger tuh print the man name pon a intimate  or private part o’ you body?  next thing some years pass and you and he break up because he won’t stop womanizing or gambling or even licking in you gizzard evah chance he get; then one day you finally meet somebody, fall in love wid dem and decide tuh get married but you feel like a fool because instead o’ your husband seeing your nice clean skin, he got tuh live wid another man name scrawl all ’cross you body.
The problem wid this tattoo fad is dat it is just dat, a fad – even a rebellion. but the young people don’t believe dat dem gine get old or dem might get sick and might even have tuh give blood or get a MRI, because the metal in the dyes would get suck out of duh skin by the machine.
I doan think people understand wha’ dem doing, ya know? I doan think these people who sitting down, lying down, putting duhselves in all kinds o’ positions tuh get these tattoos in every area of duh bodies understand yet dat one o’ these days duh might have children and the child will come and announce dat he or she, especially she, want a tattoo like mummy or daddy and wha’ you gine do? Tell duh no? Dat it ain’t good fuh dem? Dat if you did know then what you know now you wouldn’t have put it on? Or dat you wish you could get it taken off?
Wha’ dem ain’t gine care ’bout all o’ dat; all dem care about is I want a tattoo like my friends, end of matter. I hope young people become more responsible and understand the foolishness dat dem doing because it gine come back tuh haunt dem later.
?• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.