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He got another pregnant

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

He got another pregnant

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Dear Christine,
May God continue to bless you in the work that you’re doing.
I am writing you as I need some advice. The man I have been living with for nearly three years has another woman pregnant – she has to be about five months along.
I found out because she came here in a taxi to him for money to go to the doctor. It was after I confronted him that he admitted that she was indeed pregnant for him as a fellow on the block had told me.
Christine, what hurts me so much about this situation is that when I picked up this man he had no job, no proper place to live, and the bailiffs were after him because he owed the court child money for two children and had not paid for a long time.
The little money I had I gave him so he could pay the court; I begged a cousin of mine for a job for him and made sure that I treated him good. But look how he has paid me back.
It is my fault though, because I realised that after about a year of working and getting good money he started acting differently, but I never asked him what was going on with him; I just ignored his unnecessary fretting.
A few months ago I heard he had a woman, but when I asked him if it was so he denied it. Then one of the guys on the block who always used to try to talk to me, but whom I had ignored, told me who the girl was.
Again, when I asked him about it and told him her name, he denied it; that was until she came by my place big pregnant.
Christine, I got my brothers to come over and I kicked him out of my house. Can I take him to court for all the money I gave him to help him out of debt? He had promised to pay me back and never has.
– HCDear HC,
You have done the right thing to put him out of your house. You don’t need a leach like that around.
As for the money you supposedly loaned him and now want back, you are obviously acting out of anger.
It is clear you want to get back at him for deceiving you. It is natural to want revenge; who wouldn’t after giving as much as you did and then being disrespected in the manner he did to you.
But HC, is he really worth that energy and attention?
In these hard times I can understand you wanting back your money, but if you go through with that it means paying out more money to a lawyer to get at him, with no guarantee that you will ever see a cent.
Remember when you picked him up he was running from bailiffs? I would advise that you let him be. Forget him, he is not worth your attention. And HC, remember just because he was a dog to you does not mean all men are like that. You will find happiness again. – Christine