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More snow storms coming

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

More snow storms coming

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(CNN) — More of the bad weather that has delayed, bumped and stranded passengers this winter, is on the way, forecasters said today.
With a snow storm of historic proportions expected in Chicago, Illinois, and large sections of the country’s midsection, some airlines are already allowing passengers to change plans.
The storm will impact about three-quarters of the United States, from New England all the way to New Mexico.
“Travel will likely be difficult to impossible in many areas,” the National Weather Service said.
Today will be the best day to travel over the next four or five, said HLN meteorologist Bob Van Dillen. United Airlines has issued a travel waiver for passengers traveling to, from or through Chicago from tomorrow to Thursday.
American Airlines is allowing travelers who are scheduled to fly today through Thursday from more than 30 airports in the Midwest. Delta is planning to issue a travel waiver for the Midwest later this morning, and another for the Northeast this afternoon, said spokesman Anthony Black.