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A lotta long talk ’bout neffin!

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

A lotta long talk ’bout neffin!

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Dear Nesta,
Well, all quiet oNce mo’ ’pon de Sin John front! De “Silly Season” done! De “Fat lady” sing she las’ song, wid great applause from some sections o’ de audience, pack up she microphone, an’ gone home to res’ she t’roat till nex’ time. evaht’ing turn back to normal ’cause all gone back home, some hoppin’ an’ skippin’ happily down deroad to duh house, while ethuhs draggin’ duh feet as ef duh could barely mek it.
las’ week tuesduh, mara went up de steps o’ Parliament, to nuff applause from she cheerleaders in de courtyard, to tek she place in dah “hallowed sanctuary” to start doin’ de people business, an’ we all now wait to see how she gine perform. i read dat she say she gine begin by focusin’ ’pon de elderly. Dah’s good news ’cause dem really need somebody ’pon duh side. Help does come to dem in fits an’ starts but solid, ongoin’ interest still en really dey, so ef mara tek up duh cause, dah good to hear. Fuh my one part, i lookin’ fuh she to do a reasonably good job. Wuh she don’ know at de beginnin’, she sure to learn t’rough “han’s-on” experience.
Sin John people en de onlies’ ones dat gone home. De Guvment party come back down to town an’ now gine turn duh attention, we hope, to de trials an’ tribulations dat all de res’ o’ we been gine t’rough in duh absence. i lookin’ forward to see how de Prime minister gine help we out. Now, from pas’ experiences at election meetin’s, i always like to hear he speak – words does jes’ flow from ’e tongue.
Sometimes i en onderstan’ – but real purty! But sence tekkin’ up de reins, ’e put muh in min’ o’ dah sower in de Bible dat went ’bout sowin’ seeds. Some fall ’pon good groun’ an’ ketch quick, some went ’pon shallow groun’, spring up quick an’ die jes’ as quick, an’ de res’ fall ’pon stony groun’ an’ dat was dat, duh jes’ disappear!i cyhan tell yuh whey he words fallin’, soul, but sence ’e get back to town, aldoh i been strainin’ muh ears, i cyhan seem to ketch neffin ’e sayin’! ’e seem to be murmurin’ words like “Ilaro Court”  an’ “constitution change” fuh a new chief Justice we suppose to get, but i en sure i hearin’ right, ’cause i en seein’ neffin happenin’! my days at “Brumley High” din bear much fruit – i en even ketch all de t’ree “Rs” i was suppose to learn, jes’ ’bout one an’ a half, ef summuch – so i does ha’ to ponder long ’pon people words to onderstan’ wuh duh mean! i en seein’ no action at Ilaro Court yet, but it seem as ef Guvment gettin’ ready to changeup t’ings fuh dis new man to get de pos’.
Now, i don’ doubt duh gine mek it happen, but ef it look as ef Guvment changin’ de law jes’ to suit one body, de opposition an’ ethuh legal people gine reack! Duh en gine leh it go t’rough easy-so! i don’ t’ink i would like to be in dah man shoes, faif. When he get hey, i hope ’e don’ feel too onwelcome, ’cause y’know how it is wid we Bajans. aldoh he is one o’ we, an’ might be brighter dan de brightes’ star, ’e en been practisin’ in dis region, an’ fuh some people home drums beat firs’! But dah en neffin fuh me to worry ’bout! We gine get nuff back an’ forf ’pon de call-in programmes. Den as nusual, t’ings gine go quiet. Guvment gine get wuh duh want, an’ one day yuh gine hear we new chief Justice arrive ’pon de islan’! He gine tek up ’e app’intment an’ all will be well in de lan’! mark my words! Dah is how we dot’ing’s bout hey!
Tek care o’ yuhselfYuh frien’ Babsie