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Centenarian still enjoying life

Carlos Atwell

Centenarian still enjoying life

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Aubrey Gooding is living some of the best years of his life. W

hile the centenarian admits he was not feeling “all the best”, he said things in Barbados were better today than in times past.

Surrounded by his loving family in his Apple Hall, St Philip, home today as he celebrated his birthday, Gooding chastised the youth for not taking proper advantage of the opportunities they had now.

“Young people have so much privileges but they are not taking advantage. They don’t have love for themselves,” he said.

Gooding, a widower, worked all his life as a chauffeur at River Plantation.

He said a diet of ground provisions and sardines helped him live so long. The centenarian has limited sight and hearing and poor circulation in his feet but his mind is sharp and his voice clear.

“I have enjoyed my life and I am still enjoying it at my old age although sometimes I still get irritable,” he said. Gooding has three children, three grandchildren, eight great grandchildren and a great great grandchild. (CA)